Seychelles Desroches Island in Dubai

Desroches Island, an ultra luxurious resort in Seychelles, has opened a Middle East marketing office based in Dubai.

According to figures provided by the Seychelles Tourism Board, there were over 7,500 visitors to Seychelles from the Middle East in 2011, with 5,144 from the UAE alone.

Lunch on the beach on Desroches Island

At the end of July 2012, this number had already crossed 11,658 for the region, with UAEcontributing 7,960 of those visitors – a 56% increase from last year. Traditionally, Europe has been the biggest market for Seychelles, but leading European markets UK, France and Italy have been dwindling lately.

Seychelles is a group of islands off the African Coast, a four-hour flight from most locations in the Middle East and is serviced by all leading Middle Eastern carriers, including Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways.

This decadent, idyllic, paradise is just a short 40-minute flight from the mainland of Mahe and has earned the title of ‘Top 10 Remote Hotels in the World’ by Forbes Magazine and is the perfect luxury escape for families with children of all ages. Making it a perfect unforgettable getaway over long weekends.

Coming in to land on Desroches Island

Desroches Island, boast 14-kilometres of pristine white sandy beaches. The resort has 51 opulent private villas and retreats with a choice of one to five-bedrooms.

These exquisitely appointed sea-facing villas are a prefect holiday experience for families and honeymooners with a wide range of activities or secluded privacy, as one prefers.

With just 51 units spread over the six-kilometer long island, each sprawling villa is surrounded by ample space to explore or relax in complete privacy.

Your own secluded Villa on Desroches Island

“The resort is all-inclusive and menu items on Desroches are exceptional and varied. Private butlers are available upon request and are at your service for that romantic dinner on a secluded beach or to assist with a picnic while you explore the island or simply relax while the table is set by your private pool,” said Ms Vaubell Director of Sales and Marketing Desroches Island.
Apart from swimming, snorkeling and kayaking or relaxing at the spa, game fishing and diving are very popular at Desroches because the waters are rich with a stunning variety of marine life.

The resort also owns the largest fleet of boats in the Seychelles and world-renowned game-fishing expert Keith Rose-Innes is on hand for the main fishing season, November through to April. The Castaway team offer guests guidance and tips for boast-worthy catches.

A serious fishers’ delight, Desroches can yield can amazing variety of species, from the largest groupers to wahoo, sailfish, dorado, tuna, rainbow runner and trophies such as marlin.

Marlin Fishing off Desroches

Of course, most fishing is strictly catch-and-release, as the resort has a focused conservation approach, from the furniture used at the resort to the largest breeding pen for turtles who roam around unfettered on the island and offer visitors delightful moments.

Breakfast on Desroches Island

If you would like to know more, Marsha and David have visited Desroches Island and are able to share their unbiased views with you.
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