About us

We began creating the myMAPof Travel Guides based on our 360?Ǭ? virtual tour and interactive mapping technology back in the 1990’s. The idea was borne out of the desire to be better informed about the destinations that we were planning to visit.
Take a virtual tour of La Digue and see the giant tortoises
Marsha and I continue to visit the Seychelles Islands, visiting and inspecting our hotels to ensure that they continue to provide outstanding value. It is during these visits that we capture new Virtual Tours and Video so that the content on http://www.myMAPofSeychelles.com is correct and up to date. Working with the Seychelles Tourist Board we also tour these fabulous islands capturing rotographs to give you a wider – “3 Dimensional” – flavour of the places and cultures that these stunning islands have to offer.

Take a virtual tour of the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market Victoria Mahe

It is fundamental to the whole concept of our web site that we totally understand what each property is really like – what makes each uniquely different. So, during our time with each one we will have met with, eaten with and stayed with either the managers or owners of all the hotels that we inspected and rotographed. We captured the Virtual Tour rotographs of hotels so that you might have a better feel for what each hotel really has to offer and to let you fully appreciate the uniqueness of their facilities.

As you know, accommodations vary considerably all over the world and Seychelles hotels are no different ranging from very affordable simple motel style rooms to fully serviced luxurious five star hotels. If you accept the basic premise (as we do!) that in the real world you rarely get something for nothing, we hope to arm you with sufficient information to ensure that you are very much more informed of precisely what is on offer and thus be in a much better position to determine which accommodation best meets your needs.

Most hoteliers are incredibly enthusiastic and proud of what they have to offer but ?Ǩ like anybody selling anything..they can sometimes be a little over the top on the ?Ǩpositives?ǨѢ and not so forthcoming on the ?Ǩnot so positives?ǨѢ! Our overriding desire is to help you choose the very best value for money hotel in Seychelles.

Take a virtual tour of the Victoria fruit and veg market Mahe Seychelles

We appreciate, probably more than you think, just how very important it is, in an extremely busy world, to ensure that those precious few weeks holiday that we spend together each year are spent well ?Ǩ getting it wrong can have seriously long and painful consequences !!

When time is your most expensive asset you cannot afford to risk it ?Ǩ so,

See it – Believe it!

We have personally visited all the properties on offer in our portfolio and the environments that surround them – so if you would like to talk to us about any aspect of a particular destination please do call ( +44(0) 1422 240 730 ) – or email us. Let us you help you plan and book your holiday in the Seychelles. We look forward to hearing from you .

Kind Regards

David and Marsha Clarke


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