La Digue Feast of Assumption

The usually slow and tranquil island of La Digue was transformed this past weekend into a fiesta island, as the feast to commemorate the La Digue Festival “15 Out” was in full swing. The La Digue events committee, along with major partner STB, worked hard to organise the activities to attract the public and definitely lifted the spirit of the festival, which had in recent years lost its ambience.

La Digue Island Festival

The festivities kicked off on Friday the 10th, with live entertainment at La Passe. Local band Tropical Beats, entertained a lively crowd at Taroza Restaurant while well-known artists Mervin Camille and Joseph Sinon performed live at the Fun Park.

On Saturday sports activities were the main attractions and SBC Radio FM entertained the public from their open air studio at the jetty shed. Many party-goers gathered later to taste the delicious creole buffet, at the Karkasay Restaurant, operated by Chef Rudy, Chef Jollif and Chef Robin. The restaurant situated at Anse Kalis was uniquely set up for the 6 day festival and offers buffet, take away and a public bar facility. That night Karkasay also held the prize giving ceremony for the sailing competition held earlier
that day, whereby boat “Marlize” was the winner. People later danced a “Bal Lapousyer” until the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday, sports activities including volleyball and pillow fight were on tap. Jany De L’etourdie shook up Anse Kalis in the special “Les Filles chantent Jany” show, wherein the singer was accompanied by young children. SBC Radio FM, which is expected to remain on La Digue during the entire festival, broadcast live until late into the night and the crowd danced to the beat in the open air disco at the La Passe. The Bal Lapousyer, which attracted a major crowd, was once again on at the Karkasay restaurant, which so far looks to be the hottest venue at the festival. Other expected activities to continue include a live show on the 14th at the jetty, featuring well-known local artists such as Joe Samy, Chicco, Reuben and others. But surely the most important event of all is the Grand Mass on the 15th at the Grand Anse Grotto. The 15th of August is, lest one forget, a religious festival whereby Christians commemorate the Assumption of Mary.
As per tradition, a large crowd is expected to attend the mass which will be followed by a procession to
the church.

News Courtesy Debbie Mills TODAY in Seychelles, Victoria, Seychelles.

The Feast of Assumption and the festival “Lafet 15 Out” is a La Digue event that runs around these dates annually.


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