Swedish Princess Seychelles Honeymoon Pictures

After their lavish Stockholm wedding, Chris O’Neill whisked Sweden’s Princess Madeleine off to the idyllic Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, where the newlyweds are taking beach walks and staying in a luxury villa  on North Island.

Swedish Princess Seychelles
According to Swedish newspaper  Expressen, the honeymoon destination was a surprise to Princess Madeleine. Chris had planned the trip for a long time with the help of a few selected friends who vowed to keep the plans a secret. In the royal family only Madeleine’s parents, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, knew about the trip.
Many had guessed that the couple would spend their honeymoon in the Caribbean.
Chris and Madeleine are staying in a 500 square-metre private villa on one of the Seychelles’  North Island, reported the paper, which has also published photos of the couple holding hands while going for a walk on a white-sand beach.
A typical  Villa on North Island, Seychelles

A typical Villa on North Island, Seychelles

The rent for the luxury villa is over 50,000 kronor ($7,700) per night. Britain’s Prince William and Kate stayed at the same villa during  their  honeymoon in 2011. David and Victoria Beckham and several other celebrities have also stayed on North Island  in  recent times. 
A beach on North Island, Seychelles

A beach on North Island, Seychelles

When Chris and Madeleine arrived on the island, they were greeted at the VIP desk but since then they have kept to themselves.
On the first night, the couple watched the sunset from their terrace, according to Expressen.
Princess Madeleine is the youngest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. She married Chris O’Neill, a US-British businessman, in Stockholm’s Royal Chapel on June 8th, just days before her thirtyfirst birthday.
The couple live in New York, where Madeleine works for the World Childhood Foundation, a charity established by her mother.

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