Free UPGRADES on Seychelles Flights

Some frequent flyers regard the occasional free upgrade as a well-deserved perk, and are alarmed that it might be eroded if the innovative trend  of auctioning off  of empty flat beds  to the highest bidders continues to grow.

What may not be generally known is that beneficiaries of these little perks are not picked randomly, but by scanning an aircraft’s manifest for the airlines premium card holders thus signifying the high-spending traveler.

Flatbed Image

So ….. how “Upwardly Mobile” are you?

5 Tips on how to get from cattle class to first class.

* Put on a suit and tie and grin broadly at every member of airline staff you encounter in the airport

warning: this may, however, get you offloaded

* Travel alone, thereby qualifying for the not-uncommon occasions when a single traveller must be moved from economy to business class because of overbooking

warning: this may upset your loved ones

* Buy an expensive economy ticket; when staff evaluate passengers for an upgrade, the fare paid is taken into account

warning:  this may prove to be costly in the event the plane is full

* Remain loyal to one airline and fly frequently; if you acquire “gold” or “silver” status, you will be on the SFU (“suitable for upgrade”) list

warning: can be an expensive way of getting  the occasional  “bargain”

* Marry a pilot or member of cabin crew

warning: bit drastic and does not guarantee an upgrade

Which ever method you choose to explore, be sure that you have spoken with David at to ensure that you did manage to get your Seychelles Accommodation  upgrade to compliment your enhanced airline status.

Bon Voyage


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