Seychelles Bad Weather Warning

The adverse weather conditions that have beleaguered Seychelles over the past few days, with heavy sporadic rainfall and strong winds are likely to continue for a few more days yet.
According to the National Meteorological Services, these wet and windy conditions are expected to last until the end of the week due to a low pressure system moving
across the region from east to west which is said to be currently hovering over Seychelles and causing the bad weather.
The public is warned to expect cloudy weather, heavy rainfall and strong winds until at least Thursday when the system is anticipated to pass, with conditions expected to improve by Friday, although winds may pick up from time to time.
The granitic islands of the Seychelles group have entered what is generally recognized as
the “dry season” which runs from May to October and which brings more winds, slightly cooler temperatures (around 28 degrees C) and occasional light showers. During this South East monsoon season, low pressure systems like the one currently experienced are not uncommon, although the Met office says it has hit Seychelles unusually early this year, with adverse weather conditions usually more prominent mid-season rather than at
the start.

Saturday will see normal service resumed with temperatures up a little as the sun assumes its normal position high in the skies to shine on the 2013 Miss Seychelles Pageant .


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