Constance Ephelia Celebrates Chinese New Year

Constance Ephelia Resort & Spa of Seychelles celebrated the Chinese New Year recently with a special gourmet banquet of the new Chinese cuisine in the resorts Adam & Eve restaurant.

According to the Chinese calendar, the year of the Snake which began at midnight on 10 February shortly after the New moon appears in Aquarius. The year of the Snake means steady progress and attention to detail and in ancient Chinese wisdom promises that “the snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve.”
Constance Ephelia Seychelles Adam and Eve Restaurant

Constance Ephelia Seychelles
Adam and Eve Restaurant

The Resort’s Adam & Eve restaurant now serves authentic “Chinese Cuisine” with a lunch menu and an à la carte menu for dinner and the restaurant was fun filled with Chinese guests from different provinces of China.
But what makes the thought of an authentic Chinese restaurant serving delicacies from the Empire of the Middle so appealing? The Constance Ephelia Resort & Spa is obviously keen to please its ever-increasing Chinese visitors from provinces around China. As the resort prepares to receive even more visitors when the flights to Hong Kong begin in March, it has recruited a skilled Chinese chef who is already making a difference in his preparation of the best Chinese cooking using local ingredients.
To quote a famous philosopher and writer Lin Yutang: “How a Chinese spirit glows over good feast! How apt is he to cry out that life is beautiful when his stomach and his intestines are filled! From this well filled stomach suffuses and radiates a happiness that is spiritual.” The true secret to Chinese cuisine lies in a harmonious blending of flavours, textures and colours, whether it is a basic sweet and sour pork or wonton soup.
Adam & Eve … Chinese restaurant is situated next to the largest concentration of suites at the Ephelia resort. Whilst the restaurant’s ambiance is more that of a Mediterranean eatery with its casual style and feet-in-the-sand feel, its open kitchen that engages diners with a behind-the-scenes preparation done in front of them is most appealing. In this décor, roll out an open kitchen buffet focusing on dishes from various parts of China and South-east Asia. It can cater for 80 diners at a time.The menu features a selection of snacks and all time lunch favourites which can be eaten at the poolside, at the beach or at the restaurant.  It also caters for ‘Pool Cuisine’ with an extensive burger list, pizzas and noodle boxes. Some dishes are available in both small and large portions with a variety of Asian breads. The restaurant and pool bar has already established a reputation with its wide variety of fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. To show its warm hospitality,
the management offers a selection of wines by the glass and draught beer.
Desserts are simple and generous in portions and the restaurant even caters for desserts “To Share” which are placed in the middle of the table for a family of four to enjoy. For Sunday’s soft launch new age Chinese music accompanied the guests with performances of the Dragon dance and the Peking Opera providing light entertainment whilst the waiters served green tea to the diners before starting with the appetizer, soup, main course and dessert. The appetizer and soup had two menus to choose – Poached chicken in Szechwan sauce, Golden fried prawn in salt and pepper whilst Won ton soup was served with roast duck and Vegetable soup with To Fu. The main course was a choice of seafood, poultry and meat – Kung Pao prawn with cashew nut or Steam fish Cantonese style, Honey chilli chicken or Crispy duck in hon sin sauce and Black pepper beef with water chest nut, Double cooked pork in Tausi Sause. Diners also had a choice of vegetables or Rice. This included the traditional Yu Huang eggplant, Crispy vegetable in honey chili sauce and Yang Chow vegetable fried rice. And as every good meal always ends with a tasty dessert, we tried the Chocolate bavarois mousse & mango with Kalamansi sorbet and the Délice coconut with mandarin in aniseed sorbet.
Overall, it was an awesome evening which left me with a feeling that I had indeed visited China whilst never leaving paradise. As we took our leave of the restaurant, I wished everyone “Kung Shee Fat Choy” which in Chinese means Happy Chinese New Year!
Asian Cuisine at Adam & Eve restaurant Constance Ephelia Resort & Spa celebrates Chinese New Year.
The Adam & Eve Asian restaurant is located on South beach Lush and green surroundings add to the otherworldly tranquility of Adam & Eve

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