Relaxation is free at The Station

Are you facing the rush of daily life and experiencing challenges that are putting you under constant physical, mental and emotional stress? Well, then it’s time to  take a much needed break!
And nowhere is better to release your stress and find a profound sense of relaxation than the serene and calm Resonate Wellness Centre located at The  Station in Sans Souci.
The Centre has recently launched an Energy, Mindfulness & Clarity (EMC2) campaign which has been  designed for people to interact with natural health and wellness experts who are experienced in the artof energetic healing and conscious living.
The first session of the EMC2 brought twenty-two people with same minds for an evening of enlightenment and energetic exchange on Wednesday 17 October. People from different aspects of life responded positively to this session and word is getting out that EMC2 is not to be missed.  For instance, at the session one will have the opportunity health problems or challenge  into learn about the self-healing powers of the body system and get answers to questions about life.
The Station Wellness Centre Seychelles

The Station Wellness Centre Seychelles

One will also have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding of universal energy under the holistic guidance of Monika Baier, one of the few international Brain Kinesiologists, as well as Dr. Apurva Tamhane, the resident homeopath at the Resonate Wellness Centre. Together these professionals will guide participants in the quest and exploration into positive energy.
Moreover, following the evening sessions, one should not miss the authentic healthy, wholesome, energetic vegetarian dinner specially designed for the EMC2 evening.
However, space is limited for these free evenings, so one has to book at least 24 hours in advance to facilitate preparations and to secure a space.
The next seven sessions will be hosted twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 17 October to 10 November 2012.
Contact david  at SeychellesMindBodySpirit dot com for detials of ongoing Mind Body Spirit Retreats in Seychelles

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