Seychelles Video “extraordinaire”

Experience Seychelles through different eyes, Big Little World, is a video of moments strung together in time by a man who went to visit his girlfriend who had a medical internship in the country. His name is Paul Wex and his edit is filled with intimate moments from places that might otherwise have been hard to access.

Big Little World from Paul Wex on Vimeo.

This video, shot in July 2012 is probably one of the best that I have seen that successfully describes the Seychelles Islands as they are today. No tourist board gloss, no sexy 5* resort marketing hype – all this is there in Seychelles for you to enjoy – but this is the true environment in which it is all embedded. It is a real place with real people doing real things in real time – not just 5* beaches, 5* flower and fauna, 5* Spa and Pamper ……. honestly, Seychelles is truly another world.

Call me and let me introduce you to the secrets that the Seychelles Islands might have in store for you.


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