Seychelles boosts Eco-Tourism Credentials

Seychelles continues to demonstrate its commitment to protecting large areas of its terrestrial and marine territories

D’Arros Atoll, Seychelles

Seychelles Island

Following the Rio Conference held in June in Brazil, where at the Head of States side event, “Leaders Valuing Nature: A Celebration of Commitments,” organized by GLISPA, the Global Island Partnership, Seychelles, pledged to the international community to further increase its protected area and special reserves. The government has further demonstrated its commitment in marine and terrestrial protected areas by changing the status of the D’Aros and St. Joseph atolls to that of a protected reserve. These islands are the first within the Amirantes group to be declared protected area.

The islands are known for its diverse coral reefs, important nursery habitats, and breeding grounds for several vulnerable and endangered species such as certain species of sharks, marine turtles, and birds. The Ocean life around the islands is an excellent ecosystem for researches, studies, and other activities such as eco-tourism, which will create awareness on the need to create more “special reserves.” Now the law is being put in place to turn the atoll into a marine and terrestrial protected area also known as special reserves.

This move shows the government’s commitment towards the conservation and protection of the rich biodiversity of the islands. Seychelles has already committed 50% of its terrestrial area as protected area. Currently the government has committed up to 30% of its marine territory as protected area, with 15% designated as a no-take zone.

Source: Seychelles Ministry of Tourism & Culture


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