Surfing Seychelles

Surfing Holiday in Seychelles – the question recently asked by a client

This client obviously wanted a holiday that encompassed both a Seychelles Experience and a Surfing Experience. This puts me in something of a dilemma as Surfing and Seychelles are not words that traditionally sit in the same sentence!

The question is therefore … “is the holiday primarily to experience Seychelles or to go Surfing (somewhere)!”

Surfing Banyan Tree Seychelles

Rollers at Anse Intendance

If you are reading this you probably are aware that Seychelles has some extraordinarily beautiful natural resources with over 50% of its land mass covered by National Park status and a huge amount of coastal waters protected by Marine Park status. So it has a lot going for it on the eco-tourism front.

Surfing off Denis Island, Seychelles

But in honesty, whilst there are opportunities to surf in Seychelles it is not somewhere you would probably go to experience world class surfing, yes there are some good beaches around – Anse Intendance by Banyan Tree Resort on Mahe Island for example, where the southern oceans can roll in on full force on to a beach unprotected by a coral reef. Along this stretch of coast there can be good surfing for the experienced swimmer / surfer. Certainly not a place to let the little ones learn to swim at the wrong time of the year!

Surf conditions are best (ideal wind and swell) in the transition periods between Seychelles two monsoon seasons – November/December and rain can occur and the surf is pretty flat. Surf is smallest in February through to April. Waves are at their biggest however, in the southeast monsoon period which is June through to the beginning of September. The winds are unfortunately onshore coming in the same direction as the swell during the this time.

So, I have to say that if you want a holiday where the main reason for the holiday is to surf, then maybe you should look elsewhere, if however you want to experience some the worlds greatest beaches in a tropical year round experience then Seychelles is altogether “another world”


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