Frederik and Vanessa’s Seychelles Wedding

Hi David!

WOW! That was the most fantastic vacation either of us have ever experienced. Getting married probably helped, but the entire experience was just wonderful!
Everything went smoothly, except of course for our little unforeseen stopover in Cairo, which we actually agreed ended up been quite a treat – unexpectedly getting to check the Pyramids off the bucket list 🙂

Thanks for making everything go so smoothly.We will never forget this trip!

All the best to you and Marsha!

Frederik and Vanessa spent a total of 14 days in Seychelles during January 2012. They arrived in Seychelles and relaxed for a few days at Anse Soliel Beachcomber before marrying on Cerf Island After 5 days on Cerf Island they then continued thier Island Hopping Honeymoon by way of La Domaine de l’Orangeria, La Digue Island and finally Sunset Beach Hotel, Mahe.


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