Flights to Seychelles

As Air Seychelles ceases direct flights to Seychelles we look at the the emerging alternatives

Air Seychelles has announced over the last couple of months that it will cease the vast majority of its International flights with only the Johannesburg in South Africa and Mauritius routes surviving, the remainder ceasing by January 10 2012 – it is a our understanding that all existing reservations will have been transferred to other airlines so it appears that whilst a few will have been inconvenienced, few if any, will have lost out.

So how do you fly to Seychelles during 2012 and onwards? Easily is the answer.

Direct flights to Seychelles from Europe are being reintroduced by other airlines from the following:

Moscow Transaero Airline
Paris Air Austral
Milan Blue Panorama Airlines
Rome Blue Panorama Airlines

whilst ONE STOP flights to Seychelles are available from most major and regional airports via a number of important regional hubs:

Etihad via Abu Dhabi
Emirates via Dubai
Ethiopian via Addis Ababa
Qatair via Doha

No doubt more alternatives will reveal themselves in the near future

For more details or advice on how to fly to Seychelles please contact

Additional info:

The second largest Russian airline, Transaero, has announced that it intends to start regular flights to the Seychelles Islands.

Beginning on January 2nd, and then once every ten days, one of its planes will fly from Moscow to Mahe and return.

The Boeing 777 will depart from the capital’s Domodedovo Airport at 22:55 (GMT) and arrive in the capital of Seychelles at 8:30 am (local time) the next morning.

The return flight will leave Mahe at 10:00 and will arrive in Moscow at 18:45 (GMT).



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