Duke and Duchess of Cambridge honeymoon on North Island, Seychelles

If there ever was a place that could provide you with the ultimate Honeymoon experience,   then that place surely is Seychelles’s very own North Island.

This is the very same place that welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) for their honeymoon during the summer of 2011.

North Island Beach
Lunch on North Island

The marvelous thing about North Island is that each and every honeymoon is made unique and special whether you are a king or a pauper. All the villas have been designed to bring out the true romantic ambiance of the location allowing guests to enjoy total exclusivity with enough room to spread out and enjoy this unique, private, desert island whilst at the same time being able enjoy truly magnificent creature comforts.

And having recently enjoyed this experience myself (with Marsha) I can certainly vouch for it.

North Island Spa Pool
Spa Pool on North Island

North Island is truly an idyllic setting, be it for a wedding, a honeymoon or simply as a little reward to your self for a job well done.

We do not offer a “standard package” per se, we prefer to arrange each couple’s request individually and personally, thus your time on North Island (and in the Seychelles) is tailor made to your specific requirements.

There are many activities for the young and young at heart on this magnificent desert Island resort; boat and island hopping, fishing, island buggies, island bicycles, sea kayaking, Snorkeling or simply enjoying the quiet beauty of a desert island. On a more leisurely note there is of course the North Island Spa – unbelievable!

And to finish off each day, a stroll along Grande Anse to North Island’s Sunset Bar as the sun sets, probably entirely on your own – apart from nature that is.

Library on North Island
The Library on North Island

When day turns into night the mood changes to one of intimacy.

North Island has one of the most extensive Wine Cellars I have seen with some extraordinary wines to be enjoyed – and – you have a key to the cellar to select precisely the right wine to suit your pallet, all of which is included in the villa rate.

North Island 1
Wine Cellar on North Island

North Island also has another uniqueness – a “no menu” concept of dining. Here chef, Troy Smith, will sit over a drink with you and discuss with each guest precisely what delicacies’ might be tempting the pallet that particular evening. Very civilized!

Guests who have a preference for a particular food or wine (or beer!) should let David or Marsha know and we will see that if it it is humanly possible, it will be available for you during your stay.

So, North Island, Seychelles – truly a resting place for those fortunate enough to be able to avail themselves of this level of exclusivity.

North Island Bedroom
Bedroom on North Island


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