Paul and Rocye’s Seychelles Wedding

Hi David

Just wanted to say thanks for everything. The wedding was fantastic and all came together on the day despite the short notice. I have to commend the photographer especially and the hotel/staff were very accommodating.

The Seychelles is a beautiful location for a wedding. Opening the champagne barefoot on the beach was a special moment captured very well in the photos (I will try to forward a few shortly)!

Unfortunately we were only able to stay a short time in the Seychelles so didn’t get to see much other than Beau Vallon and Victoria, but what we did see was wonderful and I’m sure there is plenty there that would have kept us busy had we had the opportunity to stay longer.

All-in-all an amazing experience, especially given the short-notice!

Thanks again for all your help!

Paul & Royce

Guests : Paul and Rosemarie
From : Qatar
Married on : Mahe
Date : February 2011


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