Dhevatara Beach Hotel, Seychelles

Energy balancing sessions at Dhevatara Beach Hotel.

The perfect place is the Spa at Dhevatara Beach Hotel, which besides providing relaxation treatments such as Thai, Balinese, or hot stone massages is the only hotel Spa in massages, the Seychelles providing energy balancing sessions.

The hotel’s Spa staff has a wide range of experience in natural healing and alternative medicine which is based on the Asiatic
holistic concept of the human being, being formed by body, mind, soul and emotions.

The Spa of this new and charming hotel’s range of treatment includes Reiki, chakra balancing, Ayurveda, crystal therapy, and
also meditation sessions. Dhevatara Beach Hotel’s Spa line of products are made from organic and local products, along with
their hand mixed oils containing essences from the herbs and spices from this hotel’s rooftop garden.

Please call for further information


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