Seychelles 2010 Visitor Numbers Surge

2010 – Another record year for tourist arrivals as a new record high is achieved during 2010 with 174,529 visitors. This is the highest number of visitors ever recorded during a year on the tropical islands and is some 17,000 higher than in 2009.

The destination’s core markets in Europe have pulled the highest number of visitors, thus contributing in great part to the record-breaking figure.

France, Italy, Germany and UK continue to lead as the top performing markets but good performances have also been recorded from smaller markets like South Africa.

Even China, which is an emerging market, is starting to show its strength.

The new record represents a 10% growth on the figure of 2009 which was 157,541.

It is to be noted that the standing record of 161,273 visitors set in 2007 was surpassed during the first week of December 2010, and two weeks later, the Seychelles Tourism Board’s end of year forecast of 170,000 was also exceeded.

Russia is one market which smacks of potential and many destinations have been trying to tap into it to grow their share market. By end of 2010, it was ranked as Seychelles’ sixth best market behind France, Italy, Germany, UK and South Africa (in that order).

Other smaller European markets have also perked up their arrivals following aggressive marketing of the destination and the 2011 results should show a healthy growth now that Seychelles’ European tourist offices have been beefed up and activities are being diversified.

The African continent is showing its ability to becoming a strong source market for Seychelles after Europe. South Africa has set its own individual record in 2010, as most of the European markets, and has a booming year ahead.

Seychelles now has two tourist offices in South Africa and marketing activities on that market have multiplied, thus reaching a broader base.

The Seychelles Tourism Board also stepped up marketing activities in other parts of Africa last year such as in Eastern Africa where Seychelles has been introduced as a new holiday option in countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The Far East was Seychelles’ new market to develop in 2010 and the region has seen a major boost in marketing activities with the opening of a tourist office in Singapore last year.

Figures are up from China and a host of activities are planned for that region in 2011.

The Middle East still remains a lucrative market for Seychelles and one which improves year on year. Like other regions, promotion activities are being diversified and are reaching a bigger segment of potential visitors.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Alain St Ange, has said that the new record achievement is the result of hard work by all stakeholders in the tourism industry.

“A lot of hard work has been invested in promoting and reintroducing Seychelles on the international map. We have built on what has been done before to push the destination to another level,” he said.

“We will continue to increase the visibility of Seychelles and tap into potential markets this year and further consolidate our achievements.”

Courtesy : Seychelles Tourist Board
January 2011


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