Kitty and Chris’s Seychelles Wedding

Hi Marsha

I have to admit that the service you provide us was excellent!! . Dave you made sure our needs were met and I think you work very hard and efficiently! Only with your help we could get all those things done on time. So let me thank you a million!

Kitty & Chris & Ring Seychelles Wedding

The accommodation was -Great!! The staff were all very kind and helpful. And the accommodation facilities were excllent!

Seychelles is very pleasant! Well, a little expensive as well. But overall …fantastic and memorable! Well the water was a bit rough and it actually rained on our wedding day. Guess will have to do a bit homework next time when and where to go for vacation.

Will attach couple of photos as well. Some of them were really well taken and surprisinly some of our photos will be seen on a local magzine. Woohoo… Well, actually yes that we were very lucky to be the 100,000th visitors and everywhere we go on mahe island people recognize us. haha…that was quite a bit celebrity experience!!

Kitty & Chris Seychelles Wedding

Any further question or doubts please don’t hesitate to contact us. And any interesting events or offers from you will be most welcome!

Kitty & Chris

Guests : Kitty & Chris
From : UAE
Married on : Mahe
Date : August 2010


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