Our 100,000th Seychelles Visitor

mmoSEZ wedding clients are Seychelles 100,000th visitor in 2010

Seychelles is usually associated with beautiful stories and the 100,000th visitor to disembark on the islands this year, had one befitting the most dreamed-about destination on earth.

The 100,000th visitor to Seychelles and her fiancé disembarked to experience a special welcome.

It was on Monday August 2 when Kitty Uijleman stepped down from Qatar Airways and clocked the 100,000th visitor mark. The weather was perfect and a whole new world – arranged for them by myMAPofSeychelles.com – awaited her on this beautiful island.

Kitty travelled to Seychelles to get married and she would leave seven days later as a newly-wed. Happily walking beside her and matching her footsteps was her Chinese fiancé, Xizhi Tang.

The couple were met by staff of the Seychelles Tourism Board and were presented with flower garlands and several special gifts.

Kitty couldn’t believe her luck and that her stay in Seychelles was off to such a good start.

They had chosen Seychelles for their wedding day above Mauritius and Maldives and they were really convinced by then that they had made the right choice.

“We wanted a romantic location for our special day and we had three choices – Seychelles, Mauritius and the Maldives. Our hearts told us that Seychelles was the place and here we are, glad that we chose it”, they said.

The couple were married at Le Meridien Barbarons where they received VIP treatment throughout their stay.

“This was an especially pleasing wedding to arrange ” said David Clarke of myMAPofSeychelles.com “as the happy couple decided to tie the knot literally a couple of weeks before the actual date, so it was brilliant that the team made it work for them without a hitch and …. they had the added bonus of being the 100,000 visitor of the year!”

Seychelles reached the 100,000th visitor mark three weeks ahead of last year, when it happened in the week ending August 30.


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