Seychelles Travel – Volcano update (3)

Pleased to report that the final re arranged clients are boarding their plane Seychelles bound as I write this post .

It must have been a horrendous time for a good number of travellers around the world but fortunately everybody connected with Seychelles seems to have rallied together and just got on with the job.

Air Seychelles seem to have been extremely reasonable and very flexible with their arrangements and the Seychelles Hotels have been extra ordinarily patient and cooperative. I know we have been back and forth several times to hotels as the flight availabilities have materialised and then evaporated just as quickly.

Our thanks go out particularly to you – the travelling public – for the patience and understanding shown – makes you wonder why we have to wait until a crisis is upon us before we all start acting like responsible intelligent human beings.

Although Seychelles arrivals are running 20% year on year there are still some Seychelles Late Availabilities to be had along with some great longer term Seychelles Offers.

Sunny Regards



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