Seychelles and Volcanic Ash

Sunday 18 April Seychelles hoteliers excel themselves in coping with the disruptions caused flights from Northern Europe…

With practically all Northern European air space presently shut down the local situation in Seychelles is being heavily impacted.

However the situation on the ground – whilst being very fluid – is being maintained in good spirit. There is some disruption as some hotels are inevitably experiencing double bookings as clients scheduled and unable to depart for Europe are finding themselves mixing with guests arriving from unaffected areas of the world.

Fortunately, April /May is less busy in Seychelles hotels than other times of the year and there is capacity to absorb the addition demand.

For ourselves, our Seychelles guests are split approx 50 :50 Europe vs. Rest of World so some are on the beach enjoying their Seychelles Holidays, some are enjoying an extra day or two and some are patiently sitting at home awaiting the all clear to travel.

We are so lucky have a destination like Seychelles to work with a population of generally very laid back and accommodating people to work with everybody approaching the situation very positively. Many thanks to Daphnee and the team on the ground in Seychelles for doing a marvellous juggling act and keeping everybody accommodated – keep up the good work chaps!

For those of you due to leave for Seychelles in the immediate future, please continue to keep in close touch – again the number to call – any time – is 00 44 (0)7879 465 319 for up-to-date advice and information – but – in reality with things moving so fast, international News Bulletins often carry more up-to-date general information than we have access to.

Seychelles hotel availability is generally good, so please do check back with us with your last minute Seychelles Offers and Breaks requests.

Sunny Regards
David & Marsha


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