Seychelles Honeymoon Offers

Wedding Certificates required at Seychelles Hotels.

A sign of the times perhaps, but more and more Seychelles Hotels have been caught out of recent times by couples claiming to be on honeymoon when in fact they are not.

In order to clarify the situation where honeymoon discounts are initially offerd to couples, practically all Seychelles Hotels are now insisting that in order that the honeymoon discount is honoured couples MUST PRESENT THIER WEDDING CERTIFICATE on checkin at the hotel.

Couples arriving and expecting a honeymoon discount and not showing a copy of thier wedding certificate are LIKELY TO BE CHARGED FULL RATE before being allowed to thier rooms (or refused addission).

So, if you aint on honeymoon or forget your Wedding Certificate then expect to be charged the extra before being allowed to your room.


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