More Flights to Seychelles

More flights announced to Seychelles to cope with increased demand.

Air Seychelles and Emirates have announced that a new scheduled and additional services for Summer 2010.

Air Seychelles will introduce new flights from the UK to Seychelles in the summer with stop-overs in Italy, the two existing flights between London via Frankfurt and Zurich will continue until after the Easter period.

Air Seychelles’ new weekly schedule will be as follows:

•5 flights from Paris (including 2 night flights)
•3 flights from Italy and London
•3 flights from Mauritius
•2 flights from Johannesburg
•1 flight from Singapore

Emirates Airline has also announced that they have added two additional flights into the Seychelles from Dubai, (Mondays and Wednesdays) bringing the total number of flights to Seychelles to six flights per week.

To accommodate the increased number of passengers the International Terminal on Mahe is nearing completion of a remodelling project, new check‐in counters, conveyor belts and security screening machines having been installed.

This is additional evidence that Seychelles seems to be more resilient to the general down turn in the travel business and continues to quietly grow visitor numbers.

For up-to-date details on Seychelles Special Offers please follow this link Seychelles Special Offers


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