Seychelles Hotels round off 2009 with great figures.

Seychelles Hotels have rounded off a great 2009 with a complete reversal in tourism trends, placing it as one of those few nations in the world that have weathered the economic woes of 2009.

Visitors arrival statistics released early January show that the Seychelles Islands has beaten all odds to finish the year with arrivals in the country practically at the same level as 2008’s peak.

Countries and islands states who thrive on Luxury Tourism had been earmarked to feel the crunch from the world economic recession and Seychelles had prepared itself for a tough year with some experts predicting a record 25% decline in visitor numbers. How WRONG could they hav been!

Statistics just realsed show that only slightly over 1400 fewer visitors (approx 1%) than 2008’s record levels arrived in 2009 representing a truly resiliant destination.

With several more new properties coming on stream during 2010 across all income levels, tourism chiefs and hoteliers are looking forward to the year with growing confidence as bookings for the year are already looking very healthy.

Director of tourism marketing at the Seychelles Tourism Board, Alain St Ange, has said they were satisfied with the final numbers as it represents the hard work invested in maintaining the image of Seychelles as a desirable destination.

“The united effort by the tourism private sector with the unconditional support of the government has brought about such a positive result for Seychelles and this should be reason enough for the consolidation of this working partnership next year,” he said.

David Comments:

These figures tend to support what we are seeing in our day to day activities with locating the right accommodation to meet our clients very specific needs, sometimes being very difficult to satisfy.

Without doubt there is accommodation to be found in all sectors – Luxury, Budget Self Catering etc. and with “Lastminute” accommodation being as difficult as always to satisfy, but if you know where to look for it, it is there.

Similarly if you are looking for set dates for memorable trips such as weddings, honeymoons and annivesaries then the old adage “Book early to avoid disappointment” still holds very true.


About mymapofseychelles help clients arrange and book Dream Weddings, Romantic Honeymoons and Memorable Anniversaries in the Seychelles Islands.
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