NEW 4×4 Exec “Gift” Transfers

A New Car for a New Year has the heads turning

For 2010, something new and exciting – we have upgraded our private Seychelles Hotels transfer fleet to further enhance our clients comfort and make their ride in paradise truly blissful.

Just added to its elite fleet, these very impressive 4×4 Nissan Murano’s will initially satisfy the needs of the more discerning clientele transferring to our Praslin Island. hotels.

The chic metallic-black Murano ephasise our commitment to this level service. The interior of the Muranos is to afford sumptuos comfort with comfortable beige leather seats and fitted with the latest in car Video and TV Screen for entertainment as our clients cruise around our islands. Air con …. naturally!

With superior passenger comfort the car can comfortably carry 4 adults or 3 adults and 1 child.

During the course of 2010, this elite fleet will be extended with more 4 x 4 Muranos and Toyota Prado.

For a stylish transfer upgrade to your match your occasion, invite a friend or family member to gift you the memory.

email david at myMAPofSeychelles dot com for an immdeiate quote.


About mymapofseychelles help clients arrange and book Dream Weddings, Romantic Honeymoons and Memorable Anniversaries in the Seychelles Islands.
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