FREE Bicycles on La Digue

YES! Bicycles for free for the duration of your stay.>

With the bicycle being the primary form of transport (apart from walking) on La Digue Island, Seychelles, it was only a matter of time before somebody had the common sense to include the loan of a bicycle for the duration of your stay on this beautiful desert island.

La Digue is an island where the magic of its surroundings can be best discovered and appreciated at a slow pace – at cycling pace.
True, the island is small enough to be explored on foot and if that is your objective – brilliant, but for me I quite often become a little impatient even in the paradise that is La Digue and really do like to have the opportunity to increase my speed from time to time. So I think that this is a brilliant idea.

For all reservations at our partner hotel on La Digue Island Seychelles, La Digue Citronelle Apartments we are pleased to be able to offer each client a complimentary bicycle for their entire stay. Smaller cycles for children and cycles with seats for babies and carriers for your picnic basket are also available upon request. Please do highlight your specific needs when booking to ensure that we can accommodate you.

So for a FREE CYCLE for you and your family remenber to make your reservation with


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