Seychelles Duty Free Allowances

The Seychelles duty free allowance for personal consumption of all liquors (including wine, beer, stout, ale and port) perfumes and tobacco is:

400 cigarettes or 500g of tobacco
2 litres of Spirits and 2 litres of wine
200ml of Parfume or Eau de Toilette

All personal possessions intended to be re-exported on departure from Seychelles are exempt from tax. In addition to the Seychelles duty free allowances listed above, each visitor may import tax-free a video camera, other camera, musical instrument, portable electronic or electric equipment, sports requisites and other leisure equipment.

Offensive weapons such as stun guns, mace, bows and arrows, knuckle dusters, daggers, swords, tear gas, whips, firearms and ammunition are Prohibited Seychelles Imports unless the appropriate Seychlles Import Permit or official authorization has been obtained in advance from the relevant authorities.

This also applies to spear guns, fireworks, pyrotechnic products and explosives of any kind.

The import of plants and parts of plants, animals and animal products, biological specimens, radioactive substances and apparatus, dangerous drugs, chemicals, medicines, pharmaceutical items and poisons into Seychelles is forbidden without the necessary Seychelles Import Permit or official authorization having been obtained in advance from the relevant authorities.

The value of food items brought into Seychelles by a passenger must not be in excess of the SCR3,000 personal/household allowance unless the relevant Seychelles Import Permits have been obtained in advance.

Pornography in the form of obscene articles, publications, video tapes and software is strictly forbidden from imprtation into Seychelles.

Where goods are imported into Seychelles in excess of allowances, payment of import tax is to be made in cash (or personal cheque drawn on a local account). Credit card facilities are not available for the payment of import tax.

Seychelles Tourist Board

Seychelles Duty Free Allowances


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