Seychelles Ferry to Praslin

Ferry transfers from Mahe to Praslin not a problem when you know what you are doing.

As with most things in life, once you know what you are doing then what where seemingly difficult tasks really are not the problem that you first thought they might be.

Taking a Seychelles Ferry or transfering from one Seychelles island to another is, on the whole, a pretty straightforward task – if you take care! It should be seen as an integral part of your holiday and enjoyed as short sea cruise. The perfect way to unwind after perhaps a long flight from Europe or Australasia.

The main Seychelles Ferry is undobtedly the one that sails between the main island of Mahe and the second island of Praslin. This a journey that takes just under an hour by the fast catarmaran Cat Cocos Ferry. This new ship was brought into service during 2006, it is a fast, clean purpose built, 350 passenger only ferry. There are no vehicle ferries.

Cat Cocos Ferry makes approximately three journeys each way on most days although the ferry is subject to being taken out of service for maintainence or private charters without too much notice. It is advisable to pre book ferry tickets wherever posible as the ferry serves both the local population and tourists so demand can be particularly heavy at peak times (weekends). If this coincides with the landing of two or three planes in quick succession then problems can occur. It is no eay task trying to find accommodation on Mahe at the best of times let alone when its getting late in the day if the ferry was full, you’ve no internet connection and precious ones becoming more and more anxious!

Seychelles Ferry tickets can be pre booked at no extra cost through when booked in combination with hotel reservations.

For those that prefer to chance it and you do litterally miss the boat, there are several trading vessels that ply the waters between the islands who will carry passengers but this is a very hit and miss affair especially when the vessels are probably not licensed to carry passengers.

The only other alternative is to fly – see Additional BLOG

For a Seychelles Ferry to La Digue – see additional BLOG

Again – any specific querries or Seychelles Hotels reservations services please do contact me.

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