Seychelles Wedding Requirements

All you need to know to help you plan your Seychelles Wedding

There are few locations on earth more ideally suited to romance than the Seychelles Islands.

Let swaying palms, crimson sunsets, silver sands fringed by a languid turquoise ocean and the friendly smiles of a welcoming people provide the backdrop for a truly extraordinary wedding in this tropical paradise.

Take your vows in an enchanted hideaway where surreal natural beauty, authentic Creole ambiance and full range of traiditonal amenities combine to transform your fantasies of a perfect wedding into reality that you will treasure forever.

We are pleased to to be able to offer you this Seychelles Wedding Guide and offer you a Wedding Package at any of our featured Seychelles Hotels on the islands of Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and other inner/outer islands. We also have a few “secret wedding locations” that are only available through ourselves as specialist Seychelles Wedding Planners.

All our Seychelles Weddings Packages are created to suit your own particular needs, be it a simple wedding in a quiet corner of paradise for just you and the light of your life, right through to an outrageously grand affair with dozens or perhaps hundreds of guests.


The following documents should be received minimum 21 days prior to the wedding date, in order to process the marriage with the Seychelles Civil Status office to post the banns, as well as co-ordination with the relevant Embassy/Consulate where applicable.

A copy of both Birth Certificates.
A copy of the previous Marriage Certificate and the Decree Absolute, if one or both parties have been divorced.
A copy of a previous Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate, if one or both parties are widowed.
A copy of the Deed Poll if one or both parties have legally changed the name legally.
A copy of the first or last 6 pages of each passport, including the inside cover, showing the party’s personal details.
A copy of the first or last 6 pages of each passport, including the inside cover, showing the party’s personal details

Hotels prefer 3 months notice of a marriage request & all wedding documents must be received by the Hotel not later than 30 days before the client’s arrival – original documents should not be sent by post but carried by the clients when travelling to Seychelles. The hotel cannot be responsible for cancellation due to illness of the registrar or modification of location of the ceremony due to weather conditions

For Swiss citizens: A copy of their Certificate of Domicile [Wohnsitzbescheinigung] is required, as well as a legal document to show that there is no impediment or lawful hindrance
[Personenstandsausweis]; if not obtainable, an affidavit is to be signed in the presence of the Honorary Swiss Consul in Seychelles, after the solemn declaration of domicile, as part of
the marriage registration process. Note: Fax copies are not accepted. An extra 15Euros applies for the Swiss Consulate to process the wedding documents.

For French citizens:
Couples are required to make attestations at the French Embassy before their marriage. In exceptional circumstances, the consular official may waive this stipulation and accept formalities being made after the wedding. A copy of each party’s Identification Card, an official family record book [livret de famille d’enfants communs qui pourraient être légitimés par le marriage – Article 331 du code civil], and a passport photograph each for registration purposes at the Embassy in Victoria. If either party is not of French nationality, a notarised copy of all relevant documents translated in French should be submitted. Note: The French Embassy in Seychelles is only able to register marriages when at least one party is a French national – in the event that both parties are of foreign nationality, liaisons for registration should be addressed to their own Embassy / Consulate. All relevant documents should be forwarded to the French Embassy two months prior to the wedding date as publication of forth coming weddings must be now publish in France.

For Italian citizens: A copy of the couple’s Town Registration in Italy [certification of registered domicile].
Documents must all be in either in the English or French language.

In the case of other nationalities, a notarised translation must be presented with the original copies. The documents may be faxed to us or our agents, with the originals being presented upon arrival in Seychelles.
These documents are required to be received by us or our agents reservations at least 8 (eight) weeks prior to arrival of clients in Seychelles in order than arrangements can be made and publication of the marriage license arranged. Guests getting married must travel with original documents.

Residency: This is a minimum period of residence. However, there is normally a lapse of approximately 11 days after publication of the marriage license before the service takes place. Special license of GBP 17 becomes applicable if documents are not received by the Registrar (via us or our agents) 11 days prior to the wedding date.
We recommend that clients are in Seychelles and preferably in wedding venue hotel at least 3 days prior to the ceremony to reconfirm final arrangements with our resident Seychelles Wedding Planner.

Weddings are arranged by ourselves in conjunction with our Seychelles Weddings based team.

General Conditions for Weddings-in-Seychelles:

Minimum Age of either or both parties: 18 years. A parent or legal guardian must accompany under-age applicants.

Venue: The Seychelles regulations stipulate that the marriage ceremony must be conducted under a permanent roof. At the discretion of the Registrar, weddings may be held outdoors. Most hotels and guesthouses have suitable locations on-site, dressed with palm leaves and tropical flowers, which guests usually opt for.

Certification of Personal details:
Unless otherwise specified above, Occupation(s), Religion and Home Addresses are verbally certified before the Civil Ceremony.

Minimum Stay Requirements
None. For the Wedding Banns to be posted, the professional integrity of ourselves and of our Seychelles based colleagues is sufficient and accepted in lieu of the guests’ personal presence.

Your Weddings Day in Paradise
Seychelles Weddings are generally conducted from Monday to Friday. Weddings on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays incur a supplementary charge [please see rates below], and may be booked on request-basis, for confirmation at the discretion of the hotel and/or registrar.

Timings for Seychelles Weddings:

Seychelles Weddings generally take place between 14h00 and 16h00 – other timings are possible on request basis.

Church Weddings

These are discouraged, as the church required three to six months notice prior to the wedding. The Roman Catholic and Anglican Dioceses will not consider
the blessing of a marriage of non-residents unless the following conditions are met:

Roman Catholic Blessings

At least 3 months notice to be given
Both parties to provide copies of birth and confirmation certificates
Recent copy of celibacy certificates to be provides
All the above papers to be forwarded by the clients parish priest
Necessary marriage preparations to be carried out by the parish priest prior to the clients arrival
The parties to contract civil marriage prior to the church wedding
The marriage will take place in an authorised church building

Anglican Diocese of Seychelles

At least six months notice to be given
The parish priest of the couple to send a letter of introduction about the couple
The parties to contract civil marriage prior to the church wedding
The marriage will take place in an authorised church building
Each party to supply written affidavit to the effect that he/she is not divorced with a former partner still alive

Other Faiths

The Seychelles Islands are multicultural, so great tolerance and respect is shown towards the multitude of faiths that there are in the world. It is possible therefore to respect most peoples wishes and organise a Seychelles Wedding for them.

Hindu Weddings in Seychelles

A Hindu Wedding in Seychelles is entirely possible and we are able to arrange for the local Priest to officiate in the temple in Victoria. However a Civil Marriage Ceremony must also take place for the marriage tobe considered legal.

Arranging your Seychelles Wedding

Either Marsha or myself personally oversee all your initial arrangements from here in the UK together with a colleague in Seychelles. Together we will make all the necessary local arrangements – liaising with the local authorities to ensure that all requirements are adhered to. Because we believe strongly that having continuity is the best way, you will have the opportunity to meet up with our Seychelles colleagues on your arrival in Seychelles to discuss plans and action any last minute details that you may have.

Seychelles Wedding Price Guide

The cost of your Seychelles Wedding will fall into FOUR primary areas:-

Initial Compulsory Charges

Processing Fees £ 125
(non refundable costs covering liasiing with local authorities and local cordination)
Registrar Fees Week days £ 106
(Week end £ 132)
Apostile (Seal from the MagistratesCourt to authenticate the Marriage Ceryificate) £ 13
Copy of Marriage Certificate (with stamp of Civil Status Office only) £ 6
Total £ 250

Hotels Accommodation Charges

Hotel accommodation costs vary significantly, so remember when planning your Seychelles Wedding that maybe not all your guests will have the same budget. In such circumstances previous brides have found it helpful for us to talk directly with their wedding guests and help them select more appropriate accommodation close to the wedding location.

Hotels Wedding Charges

Nearly all hotels will make a charge for you to hold your wedding on their premises. Hotels with larger overheads generally, but not always, charge more than smaller hotels. These charges can vary between 75 and 750 euro. Facilities and services vary vastly so great care should be taken when selecting the hotel not just for its accommodation.

Your Optional Charges

As with all weddings there will be 1001 little things that will be required on the day. The ability to provide these “little extras” is yet another reason why it is doubly important that, whoever you entrust your Seychelles Wedding Planning to, has an eye for detail. We have contacts with many local Seychellois suppliers of goods and services, many of whom we have confidently dealt with for years, these services range from hairdressers & beauticians to stills and video photographers to local bands and soloists.

For those that have family and friends a little stuck for Wedding Gift Ideas, Marsha and I have created a separate “Seychelles Wedding Gift List” of original ideas that you might care to show to them so that they might give you the beautiful gift of memories – assuming that you have sufficient pots and pans at home!

Finally, your wedding day is the most important day in your life and as I am sure you know, it will be the little things that make it a big success!

Marsha and I look forward to ensuring that your dreams come true.

David and Marsha Clarke
September 2009

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