Seychelles Islands Flights

Seychelles Inter Island Fights
There are essentially two ways to fly between the islands of Seychelles – small air planes and helicopters.

Although small airplanes do fly between Mahe and several of the smaller islands, for all practical purposes there is only one main route, that between Mahe and Praslin. The other routes are primarilly to islands that have restricted access, normally to the one iSeychelles sland resort hotel for the purpose of bringing guests in and out. So let’s talk about the main commercial inter island route on Seychelles – Mahe to Praslin.

like a shuttle bus service during daylight hours that is from around 06.45 to 18.30 in the evening. Journey ime is no more than about 15 minutes so a plane will make a round trip in an hour or so. Because of the size of these planes, Twin Otter, baggage allowances are limited and you wil have to pay excess baggage fees and, in peak times, maybe have to leave your bags for a later flight if the plane is full (of people).

It is highly recommended to pre book seats otherwise you could find yourself waiting for several hours for a seat especially if two or more international flights arrive in close succession to each other. On arrival, missing or not getting an internal connection means that you may have to wait several hours or at worst, set to and find overnight accommodation Mahe island. On departure, delayed or cancelled internal flights can create an all together more serious situation – missing your international flight. If contemplating an Island Hopping experience it is best to time some of your stay in Seychelles so that you spend time actually on Mahe and get to know this very beautifull and varied island better – the south of the island is fantastic and very quiet.

Seychelles Helicopter Transfers

Next on the list would be Seychelles Helicopter Shuttle Transfers – there is a shuttle service between Mahe to Praslin and Mahe to La Digue at each end of the day but again pre booking is vital as there are only 4 or maybe 6 seats available per journey. This is like a taxi service and the helicopter is shared with other clients.

Finally there is always the Private Seychelles Helicopter Transfer – this service must be pre booked but it can of course ensure that you get your toes into water in the shortest time possible! This Seychelles Helicopter Transfer is private – you charter the helicopter for you and your party – Private Seycheles Helicopter charters are available direct from Seychelles International Airport to most islands and to many of the larger hotels.

For a Seychelles Helicopter Transfer get a QUOTATION HERE

See separate Blog Post Seychelles for sea ferries between Mahe, Praslin and La Digue


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