Seychelles Weather

Seychelles weather is a very pleasant tropical maritime climate and its lush green vegetation is a result of these very generous climatic conditions. This brings about rich, lush green tropical vegitation which cover the magificent mountaineous granitic islands and reach down and fringed the fine golden sandy beaches.

The sun shines on average seven hours a day with days & nights about the same length – roughly sun up at 06.30 and dusk at around 18.30 hours each. Regular sea breezes during the daytime moderate the combination of high temperatures and high humidity. Temperatures vary only 2 or 3 degrees throughout the year around 26?Ǭ? celcius.

Rainfall varies from island to island and is generally higher on the southern sides of the islands – these areas are more exposed to the dominant south-east trade winds. Tropical cyclones rarely, if ever, affect the Seychelles.

Seychelles weather is dominated by the two opposing trade winds

North West Trade Wind

which blows at around 8 – 10 knots from the North West, from October through to March and bringing with it sudden downpours which, as always in the tropics, are over very quickly.

The brisker

South East Trade Winds

blow from May through to September, bring fresher dryer winds of between 10 and 20 knots making the cooler windier conditions ideal for sailing.

During the few weks of the change over period conditions are generally more calm and warmer giving great conditions for swimming, snorkelling and diving when water temperature can reach 29 degrees C with visibilities up to 30 meteres.

Clearly Sailors are best likley to encounter thier best conditions May through September

whereas Divers and Snorkellers get the best conditions October through March

BUT these are only degrees of perfection when you are in Paradise!

However, like most places in the world, climate change is taking place and conditions are no longer as certain or predictable as they used to be but again I hasten to add that these are slight variations around a norm that is far better than most places on the planet!

To gain a detailed Sailors Perspective of Seychelles Weather view our Seychelles Sailing page

For a more statistical look at Seychelles Weather patterns have a look at this page

As always, any specific questions please do contact me.
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