New Bazaars Liven up Seychelles Evenings

Three new Bazaars bringing added sparkle to your Seychelles Holidays have been added to the Seychelles social calendar.

Sometimes accused of not being ?��Ǩ?�touristy?��Ǩ? enough the Seychelles locals have finally given way to pressure from the likes of yours truly and decided to expand on the idea of local Bazaars.

For some time now a lone artisans Seychelles Bazaar has been held regularly on Mahe?��Ǩ�Ѣs popular Beau Vallon Beach but ?��Ǩ?� shhh!! It?��Ǩ�Ѣs a secret?��Ǩ?. Not any more it isn?��Ǩ�Ѣt !!

Bazaar Labrin, as its called, takes place every Wednesday and every last Saturday of each month near the well-known Beau Vallon beach to the north of Victoria.

Victoria, the nations capital, also gets an injection of festivity with the launch of ?��Ǩ?�Bazaar Victoria?��Ǩ? which now takes place between 4 pm and 9 pm every Friday evening.

Further down south on Mahe, Baie Lazare hosts Bazaar Ovan at Anse Kopra every last Sunday of the month. Even the Cruise Ships are now being courted with ad hoc bazaars being organised as and when a ship is in town.

On the other islands Praslin has a general lively time on Cote d?��Ǩ�ѢOr but no official Bazaar as such, similarly La Digue is has a lively feel to it well into the late evening but again not an official ?��Ǩ?�Bazaar?��Ǩ? . One day maybe, maybe even a little Moutia Dancing around a bonfire on the beach until the wee small hours!

I hear that Lemuria Resort, Praslin are putting on some sort of similar even for guests every now and again ?��Ǩ��� if anybody knows precisely what the plans are, please do let me know and I will broadcast it.

Marsha says not to forget to mention the truly worthwhile Craft Village just south of the Airport on Mahe ?��Ǩ��� its worth a visit in its own right but if you have a few last minute hours to spend prior to your flight home take the short taxi ride to Le Cap and experience local craftsmen and women at work ?��Ǩ��� there?��Ǩ�Ѣs also a great restaurant there!


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