Brilliant Seychelles Bungalow

Charity and friends from USA enjoy a BRILLIANT Seychelles Vacation.

Hello David,

Of course I would be more than happy to share my experiences on the Seychelles Islands. I am waiting for Brandon to upload the pictures from his camera onto the computer and we will be sure to send some along when this happens.

As far as our visit, it was extraordinary?ǨI enjoyed every moment of it. From the moment we checked in with Lisa, she made our stay the most comforting experience ever and was very helpful to direct us to the different parts of the islands. She was always available whenever we had any questions.

sans-souci-pool.jpg From our bungalow, we had one of the most beautiful views of the beach of Seychelles from the top of the hill in Au Cap. It truly was beautiful. The rooms were very nice and comfortable for the time we spent there?Ǩit was very quiet and we felt very relaxed and very safe.

Getting around the Island was very easy, we organized a taxi and was very dependable about getting us around the island and showed up right on time all the time?Ǩwe were very pleased.

While visiting Seychelles, we travelled to the Beau Vallon Beach and relaxed and also went snorkelling. We also went shopping around the capital city Victoria and enjoyed the great food and entertainment Seychelles had to offer. The people on the island are very kind and very helpful, and we truly enjoyed everything Seychelles had to offer.

All of this was made possible by David and Marsha who helped us find the right Bungalow and pointed us in the right direction to having a great time on the Island of Seychelles. Brandon, I and the rest of my travellers TRULY want to thank you guys for helping us out and for being very dependable and working with us even though communication on our end was a bit limited.

You guys are truly awesome!

Thank you for remaining patient with us during the whole process and I will recommend you guys to my many family and friends and even strangers who are planning a vacation to the Islands.

Thank you very much David and Marsha for helping make this a great and everlasting experience!

Thank you so much,

Charity, Brandon and Friends

Charity and friends from the USA visited Mahe and stayed in one of our 2 bedroomed Self Catering bungalows during Late May / early June 2009, David


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