Fly, Watch or Swim with Whale Sharks

Swimming with Whale Sharks – how often do you get the chance to get right up close to the largest fish species on the planet?.

Whale Sharks mature to reach well over 20 feet in length and weigh several tons so don’t just sit on the beach all day do something REALLY different!

whale-sharks.jpgThe crystal clear waters around the Seychelles Islands are a unique area that enable you to become a member of a very small, exclusive group of people who have had the rare experience of encountering natures largest fish in its own natural environment the Whale Shark.

Seychelles is one of the few places on the planet where Whale Sharks are found regularly and in significant numbers. Now you can help research into the conservation of this threatened species – whilst on holiday.

The peak season for watching Whale Sharks in Seychelles is from August to the end of October although as with all things natural, sightings can be outside these periods. The Whale Sharks Encounter Programme concentrates on the main Seychelles Island of Mahe off whose coast nearly all of the sightings are made. The Whale Sharks are located on a daily basis using micro-light aircraft that in turn direct the monitoring boat teams onto the sharks locations.

The Whale Shark Encounter Programme underpins serious scientific study and Visitor Participation plays a vital part in the overall success.

It is very easy to participate in a Whale Shark Encounter and there are three options:

Firstly you need too delclare your intent to come face to face with the worlds largest fish, then tell us whether you intend to Fly (in the Micro-Light), Watch (from the boat) or Swim with your Whale Shark.

Flying with Whale Sharks

Take a Micro-light aerial reconnaissance flight to locate the Whale Sharks.
During the early morning the Micro-light locates the Whale Sharks and in the late morning directs the monitoring boats to the most favourable area. The early morning flight lasts 1.5 hours and involves a complete circumnavigation of Mahe Island.
There are two late morning flights, each of half an hour, these are directly over the Whale Shark Encounter Zone as determined during the early flight.

Watching & Diving with Whale Sharks

During the afternoon you watch from the monitoring boat or get your gear on and get in the water and Swim with Whale Sharks

and the costs – well at 125 euro per encounter it is nothing like what you would think and the best news of all is that over half of the cost goes directly into research funds to help continue the study of these endangered creatures.


You can gift a Whale Shark Encounter to family or friends or better still get them to gift one to you!
We are able to make all the arrangements, receive payment and issue vouchers for the recipient.

Adopt a Whale Shark – did you know that you can even identify your very own Whale Shark, name it and receive regular reports as to its location and its habits – now how cool is that!!


There is of course a very serious side to the Whale Shark Encounters programme. This programme does rely on interested lay people and students to help the scientists with their work and involves a limited number of interns each season to participate in the this crucial work. Internships last for 10 weeks during the peak Whale Shark Season and is open to all.

For more details please please do contact David or Marsha via the main web site CLICK HERE

Note : the Research Institution is fully approved to conduct these public activities through licensed tourism operations.


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