Magic of Desroches Island , Seychelles

Absolutely unbelievable the very epitome of what a 5 star luxury holiday on a desert island should be like.
That was how Marsha and I described our time on Desroches Island Seychelles, a picture perfect paradise, palm trees, immaculate lawns, tennis courts, jungles and miles of golden secluded nudist Seychelles beaches set like a jewel in the most awesome coloured sea you have ever seen”

Desroches Island beachThe whole experience was mind blowing, right from the very beginning at Seychelles International Airport where we were just two of five passengers climbing on to our very own private flight to Desroches Island!
Less than twelve hours after we had been departing a cold, miserable Manchester we are descending out of fluffy white clouds onto a tiny coral island in the middle of the Indian Ocean – Desroches Island to be precise. The temperature was a balmy 30 degrees with a cooling breeze coming in off a sea of almost indescribable colours, thousands of shades of blues, greens, emeralds, tourquois – magical. The island is about a kilometer wide ( where the plane lands) by about five kms long giving a total of almost 14 kilometers of pretty much unbroken sandy coast line that surrounds a tropical hinterland criss crossed by cycle and walking paths.
Seeing the beaches from the air was fantastic – getting your feet on them was, well – orgasmic!
I find it hard to believe that in this day and age when we are all so used to working like maniacs, whether its in Manchester or Manhattan , Moscow or Melbourne life is just so hectic, that it is actually possible to get away so totally from the crowds in so few hours.
Desroches Island gardensNo doubt there are other islands -well yes there are – but Desroches Island enabled us to be pretty much totally alone , just as we wanted to be. Our mission was to take photographs, not simply sit and relax, so we spent long periods on some fantastic beaches where we simply did not see another person.
The opportunity to strip off and work naked in the sunshine was too irresistible (try that in Manchester!!) – a little nude Seychelles sunbathing and swimming in those azure waters really was very pleasant and too good an opportunity to miss!
“Good day at work today dear? “. “Thank you darling – wonderful, left my clothes at the high water mark and took the camera for a walk along Bombay Beach, took some fabulous photos, had splash in the ocean to cool off – I do love to feel the sea caressing my little bits and then a leisurely walk back. – any beers in the fridge”
However – back to Manchester and the laptop.
Desroches Island diningBeing so remote, Desroches Island has to be hugely self sufficient – obviously the beer and the wines are flown in (which are “All Inclusive” incidentally) but an increasing amount of the fresh food is grown on the island and the resort has plans to become totally self sufficient, at least for garden produce, before too long. The gardens are watered from a combination of recycled waste and rain water.

Fishing is one of the main attractions in this part of the world with World Class Bonefishing and Deep Sea Game Fishing all within easy rach of Desroches Island. For fishermen with partners “not so interested in fishing” then Desroches Island is arguably the perfect location with plenty to occupy the non fisherman – diving, snorkelling, cycling, walking, tennis or just plain relaxing in the islands Wellness Centre in the caring hands of the resorts masseur.

The spoils of the fishing excursions that the resorts fishing/ water sports centre organize, provides an unbelievable range of fresh fish on a daily basis. Unfortunately meat has to be flown in frozen – the good thing about that is that you do get only the very best cuts. The resort does have a formal restaurant but the philosophy of the management is to broaden the guest experience as much as possible so lunching and dining in quite different locations around the island (they collect you in an electric buggy) is both the norm and tremendously exciting like being treated to one of those fantastic mystery picnics when you were younger.
Having dinner with the one that you love under a star lit firmament, with your feet in the sand and the sound of the sea gently lapping on the shore a few meters away, has to be one of the most romantic and beautiful times that it is possible to experience. The two dedicated waiters, the fine wines and five gourmet courses helps as well!
Desroches Island bedroomThe rooms, there are Junior Suites and four bedroomed Family Villas , are cool and spacious and very comfortable – the beds are heaven – like floating on a cloud – with all mod cons, the Family Villas even have their own Infinity Pools. But for me, being able to roll out of bed in the early morning warmth and stroll all of five meters to the ocean and gently float and swim naked with the little fishes off a perfect beach where you literally cannot see another human being, is undoubtedly what you do when all is at one with you in your world.
To ensure that you get the most out of your visit to the Seychelles Islands and Desroches Island in particular please do feel free either Marsha or myself at and we will be happy to share our Seychelles Experiences with you and possible offer advice on combining at stay at Desroches Island with one one of the many other superb Deychelles destinations by way of a little Seychelles Island Hopping.

Ps although there are no designated Seychelles Nudist Beaches there are plenty of places where it is possible to be a discreet Naturist in Seychelles email me for more details.


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