Terje & Solvis Seychelles Wedding

We have had an absolutely wonderful vacation and wedding in the Seychelles, and yes, we are packed full with astounding memories (and 1200 photos).Thankyou David, thankyou Marsha.

Our expectations were on the high side, but the Seychelles proved better by far!

Our best memory is without doubt the wedding!!

solvi-and-terje.jpgIt was a perfect day, in a perfect setting and it could not have been any better. The hotel made a beautiful hut of palm leaves on the beach and did their very best to make this a memorable day for Solvi and me. I really must commend everybody at the Beachcomber for beeing so very nice to my family and for doing the little extras that really made our wedding very special.

The ceremony was just as we wanted, the photographer was very good,and the following boattrip and BBQ at Petite Anse was the absolutely fantastic. We had the whole beach to our selves, adding a little Robinson Crusoe feeling to the experience. During our stay in the Seychelles we have visited many of the so called “famous” beaches, but I would rank Petite Anse right on top!

I guess the best memory for the children is the total experience, with the fantastic beaches, the warm weather, the swimming and snorkeling, the turtles, the hunt for sand crabs, the bats and the lizards and so on.

the-family.jpgI think the Seychelles must be the ultimate playground for children with endless possibilities for discoveries and adventures.

We do also have a very good impression of your Seychelles partners. Irinie came to see us on several occations when we stayed at the Beachcomber ans she was always smiling, helpful and provided valuable advice. As such service is not always to be expected, we really appreciate Irinies kind and professional assistance.

I can not think of anything of what you could have done better, In retrospect I can see that the advice you have given us before the trip has been good, honest and straight forward. I would gladly use your services again!

We have had a fantastic and memorable vacation. We have seen a lot and done quite a bit of exploring during our weeks in the Seychelles, but there is still plenty left to be seen on another occation. We started thinking of returning to the Seychelles even before we left the islands, and I guess that is a good indication of a very happy holiday!

I enclose some of the 1200 photos we have taken. Please keep us posted on coming events and offers. It has been a pleasure to arrange this trip together with you and both Solvi and I are very grateful for your kind and professional assistance.

Kind regards, Terje

Guests : Terje & Solvi from Norway
Visited: July 2008
Married : Anse Soleil Beachcomber, Mahe, Seychelles
Honeymoon: Praslin and La Digue, Seychelles


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