Corporate Party from Singapore

Dear David,

Wow, I am so relieved that our Seychelles Event is now over. I felt that I must take time to thank you and your team for making all the arrangements and then looking after my Company Group Visit to the Seychelles Islands recently so well.

It was a not an easy “ask” of you at quite short notice and I can say with absolute confidence that thanks to your diligence and attention to the fine details there were no hiccups and everything went extraordinarily well. David you had done such a fantastic job and so seamless.

You were the only agent that did not give up on me during the initial contact when a lot of changing and cancellation was going on. You went far beyond what an ordinary agent had to do and truly exceeded my expectations – and I have found a new friend. Thank you again.

Because of all the fantastic work you have been doing, the whole team at Artelier wants to know you, how lucky we are to have worked with you.

David, a very BIG Thank you and a Hug too.

Guest: Peggy Yeo Artelier Furnishings Pte,
From : Singapore
Visited : December 2008
Stayed : Lazare Lodge, Mahe, Seychelles

Note from David : Peggy sent a group of 12 of her colleagues across to Seychelles we arranged their stay and transfers and the 1001 things that they needed.


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