Professional, Honest Help from myMAPof Seychelles

As a first time visitor to the Seychelles I was determined to book my dream holiday, and being in business, every minute of every day is accounted for and so after speaking to numerous “run of the mill agents” I then came across David at, who took all the worry and hassle away from me, resulting in us having just returned from a magnificent holiday in the most beautiful island on the Indian Ocean.

David was excellent. He was personable yet professional, had more information on the islands than you can imagine and was completely honest in his assessments of the hotel/self catering choices available within our budget.

He booked everything for us, gave us invaluable tips and ideas as to how to enjoy our trip to the fullest and quite honestly he delivered a service that in 25 years of travelling I have found very rare.

Thank you to David and his team for making such a difference.

Guest : Trish and Partner
From : London
Visited : September 2008
Stayed : Praslin, Seychelles :


About mymapofseychelles help clients arrange and book Dream Weddings, Romantic Honeymoons and Memorable Anniversaries in the Seychelles Islands.
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