UNICEF thanks

Dear David,

Thanks. My stay at Le Relax worked out almost perfectly. The staff on duty when I arrived at lunch time Sunday were a little confused about exactly who I was,?Ǩ?Ǩ the first room they allocated me also had somebody else in it! A few minutes of Fawlty Towers – but these were minor snafus, and after 15 mins, they sorted me out with a beautiful room.

It is a nice place, I only had one evening meal there, it was low price and adequate. The Seychellois staff were helpful and friendly, the Indian staff need to work on their language skills, – but I would go back.

After 25 years of knocking around East Africa this was my first trip to the Seychelles – and on business at that. But I would like to go back – with my family – and might come back to you in a few months for advice on where to stay in Praslin or La Digue – they sound like the places to be.

Thanks for your help.

Guest : David
From :UNICEF, Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya)
Visited : February 2008
Stayed : Le Relax, Mahe, Seychelles


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