Seychelles Arrivals at Record Levels

Visitor arrivals to Seychelles so far this year have exceeded the 2006 record figure of 140,627, officially making 2007 the third consecutive year in which arrival numbers have increased.

By mid November some 141,932 visitors have arrived in Seychelles, an increase of 14 percent over 2006?ǨѢs record levels ?Ǩ and with bookings towards the Christmas and the New Year period running ahead of last year also, the final percentage increase will certainly be higher.

Visitors from the UK continue to make a healthy contribution to this increase with numbers up by almost 10% at just short of 16,000 in the eleven months to November.

Europeans continue to make up the majority of those visitors contributing approximately two thirds of all arrivals giving the islands a rich cosmopolitan feel

Although no official statistics are available, our own anecdotal evidence suggests that a significant number of unattached single visitors are attracted to the islands, possibly because of the ease and safety with which individuals can move around and explore the diverse islands and make friends of a common purpose.

If you would like examples of suitable itineraries for multiple resort and interest holidays at all price points please do drop me an email.

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