Seychelles Island Hopping

“Should we split our holiday in Seychelles over more than one Island or settle in just one hotel”? – a question that I am asked over and over.

My immediate reaction in the past has always been a quite emphatic “Yes!” it seems such a waste to travel so far (from Europe, Australia or the Americas) and not make time to see some thing other than the resort you first dreamt of.

On reflection though, we are finding that an increasing number of clients are making the decision to travel much closer to their intended departure date and taking much shorter breaks into the bargain, so I invariably find myself tempering my earlier enthusiasm a little.

You see, I think that an awful lot of people these days work so hard, that taking a holiday is often very necessary “R and R” time Rest and Recuperation as they say in the forces – from life’s daily little battles and packing and unpacking your Kermit Green Samsonite and trundling between hotels can be more stressful than the condition that the holiday is supposed to be relieving!

The bottom line is of course that over 100 islands form the Seychelles Islands and most of them are quite different from each other – each with its own charm and attraction.

So I have to be a little careful!

There is no doubt that at first glance the prospect of 14 days and nights enjoying the Bacchanalian luxury of some of the worlds finest 5 Star resorts may seem like a dream come true but I suspect pretty much anything could become prison like eventually! I hasten to add that I have not yet been personally subjected to this particular form of torture !

Four to seven nights on the other hand may well be quite sufficient. We have recently had the pleasure of advising a young busy American couple, Carole and Marc, who wanted to marry in Seychelles and see something of the islands in just 12 days as well. Their itinerary finally ended up as six days on Cerf Island – where they will marry – followed by three on Praslin and a further three on La Digue. This we all felt gave them time to unwind and enjoy the wedding initially and then to soak up the ambiance of the two smaller islands.

Conversely, we are getting more and more requests for short stay vacations – 5 to7 nights – if the purpose of such a trip is rest, then, coupled with the prospect of a 10.5 hour flight at each end, the advice would have to be “Head for the nearest beach and get your full ration of R & R ”
Fortunately we are all different -we all like different things -we all want different things.

The really great thing about the Seychelles Islands is that there is such variety of things to do – a variety of islands to explore, of mountains to climb, of beaches to experience, of seas to swim, dive and fish.

Although a long way from mainland anywhere, once there, the islands are relatively compact and relatively small, so getting to and from them and then getting around them is a relatively simple affair. Obviously a little careful planning may be required – you cannot just call a taxi at seven a.m. in Praslin and expect to be at the main Mahe International Airport twenty minutes later for your 09.00 departure to LHR!

But …. as a I say …. with a little thoughtful pre planning with someone who knows their way around, it is eminently possible to at least whet your appetite because, I assure you – once tempted, it will not be long before you return to paradise.

To get a better feel for what the Islands of Seychelles have to offer, take the Video Tour virtual tour now.

Kind Regards

(If you have any thoughts on the subject please do drop me an email at david at myMAPofSeychelles dot com


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