Cousine Island Seychelles

Listed amongst the 19 hottest slices of sand known to man by Conde Nast Traveler- is Cousine Island, which has been named as one of the worlds sexiest beaches.

Natalie Walsh  Conde Nast writes:
The vibe: Me Tarzan, you Jane

Picture this: Looking to get off the grid? Take your lovely to the privately owned Cousine Island, home to alabaster beaches and an exclusive little lodge retreat. A nature reserve dedicated to conservation, the island also integrates four villas aimed at putting you out of civilizations reach and back to a more skinny-dipping state of mind.

The crowd: Precious few. The couple two villas away is likely an international gallery owner and his Gucci-loving girl. There are the dewy-eyed honeymooners making out in a hammock made for two. Sir Paul McCartney is one starry convert.

The sundowner: Chilled Champagne (after all, you won’t actually be giving up any creature comforts): You’ll be dining alfresco on Asian-Creole delights in the island’s guest-only (and, well, only) restaurant.

Come to bed: The villas are French Colonial and just off the beach. Take a dip in the freshwater swimming pool. You can also enjoy guided hikes and fishing and diving trips with the on-island ecologists if you desire. Or just get back to the elements while relaxing in the spa.

See Cousine Island

Cousine Island is situated off the west coast of Praslin and offers a tropical island holiday experience with complete privacy found in very few places on earth and costs around £ 700 per Villa per night inclusive of food and drink


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