Banyan Tree Seychelles High Definition Virtual Tour online

The first ever High Definition Virtual Tour rotograph of a Seychelles Hotel went live Tuesday 10 April 2007 complete with the sound of the sea and birds in the trees

This initial tour shows exactly what it is like to enjoy the experience of standing on the veranda of a Hillside Pool Villa of the world famous Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort and Spa and gaze out over a fabulously clear Indian Ocean scene. click HERE to view

It was a fantastic experience to be there and savour the atmosphere, hear the sea crashing on to the beach below and the cooling breeze in the palm trees. Take a take few moments to load the rotograph if you dare! It really is the nearest ting to being there without actually getting on that plane. It is a large file but those of you with a half decent broadband connection won’t have more than maybe ten seconds to wait.

Just out of sight are some new Beachfront Villas that are being brought into service any day now to cope with ever increasing demand for this very popular resort.

The full Virtual Tour of Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort and Spa will be slotted into the main in the very near future.

if you would like an honest appraisal of the hotel and its facilities please do contact me, David Clarke at or if you can’t wait call me in the UK on 00 44 (0)1422 327
The hotel is bookable immeadiately through


About mymapofseychelles help clients arrange and book Dream Weddings, Romantic Honeymoons and Memorable Anniversaries in the Seychelles Islands.
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