Sailing tourism continues to flourish

Sailing is further entrenching itself as one of the stronger niches for Seychelles tourism industry, as more and more visitors seek to explore the islands just as the original explorers did: by sea.

Experienced skipper Justin Joubert, says that as visitors wish to explore more and more of Seychelles different islands, sailing operators are rising to meet that demand.

“Sailing operators provide one of the best ways to explore Seychelles’ different islands, sailing is a great way to experience Seychelles because there are so many possibilities with all the different islands” Mr Joubert says.

His company gives its clients an opportunity to explore the different isles aboard a 35 foot Dufour Classic cruising yacht, and offers week-long overnight charters or even sportive cruises where guests can participate in navigation watch and cooking. The company also offers full-day or half-day excursions, and can provide the expertise to design sailing itineraries across the entire archipelago.

Some 110 sailing and hire-craft operators are currently established in Seychelles, signifying an impressive growth since the sector’s early beginnings, and one that has grown in tandem with yearly increases in the numbers of visitor arrivals with a partial or full sailing itinerary.

“The growth is a great thing for Seychelles and its tourists because we have a wide variety of services and more to offer our clients” Mr Joubert says.


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